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A new trust dedicated to creating and preserving spaces for use by community, cultural, and arts organizations in Toronto’s Ward 9

Founded in 2022

Our Story

Community organizing leads to community outcomes.

In November 2019 - after many years of community organizing and advocacy - residents in Toronto’s west end won a historic $17 million community benefits settlement with the developers of the public school lands at the southwest corner of Bloor Street and Dufferin Street. Led by the volunteer community group Build A Better Bloor Dufferin, with support from affordable housing nonprofits St Clare's Multifaith Housing Society and Habitat for Humanity GTA, local elected officials and countless community members, the settlement provides funds for affordable housing and community and cultural spaces in Davenport - Ward 9 in the City of Toronto.


The $17 million settlement has been used to form two trusts dedicated to the creation and preservation of affordable housing and community facilities. $2 million of these funds were set aside specifically to preserve spaces used by local community, cultural, and arts organizations in Davenport - Ward 9 in the City of Toronto. The Community & Cultural Spaces Trust is the steward of these funds, which will be disbursed to our organization over the next 4 years. The housing funds are managed by a separate trust called Community Affordable Housing Solutions.


Our story would not be possible without the broad support of residents and community organizations in Toronto’s Bloor Dufferin neighbourhood. We are proud that CCST started with neighbours who welcome equitable and inclusive development. We value Ward 9’s current diversity, affordability, and access to arts and culture. We are committed to leveraging the $2 million we’ve started with to address Toronto’s rapid loss of affordable spaces for arts and culture, social services and community building.


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